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A Legendary Fuck - er

By thexxxee - Aug 15, 2008 - From stories- pics. Sex stories with pics - Views - 866702 Disclaimer: No matter how many times that I claim to be recounting something beyond my final control, I am sure that I will be judged by some readers, and viewers of still photos, as promoting a strange form of S&M. All I can say, is, were that all it was, it would still be quite unique. For, except for this event in 1976, I have NEVER seen two S&M participants who could smile and joke with each other before, during and after. I must remind everyone that this was a time without rampant viral sex diseases. None of the action could be done today without great danger.
Actually, none of this could be done again because of a massive cultural change that has occurred. The guys today would be expected to work in groups of 4 to 6, and have their own movie companies. The girls would have to be very very hard and yell curse words for every sensation (or lack of them). Nothing would be done without big production and extreme repetition.
The guy in this piece was polite, and extremely cooperative with everyone. He would have stopped any activity of any kind at any time, if only a single person had hinted it was necessary. The girl was an actual sweetie. She was also a sex stealth, because, while disarming with that smile (at the most unusual times), she seemed to be thinking sex was an intense sport, with expected wear and tear at whatever level you practice.
She seemed to think that you could do the kind of intense sex that few other females could or would choose to do, and show only positive reinforcement, with no use of any curse words at all. ...that the pain and pleasure definitions are certainly always subjective! Smiles, giggles, joking, all during what I later describe? No, nothing like this will be seen again. Put it with Greek, Roman and other sex history.
Preface: Those who have been through house fires know how keepsakes can be lost. But of all the electronic toys, furniture, jewelry, even family snapshots and other sundry items, that I could lose in a fire, 5 years ago I lost a real treasure. It was a 400 ft. 8mm film, and its only video copy, from 1976. It took me the five years, I guess in mourning, just to get to where I could try to tell the story of the film. Recently, I decided to at least tell that story and present what 8mm frame scans, regular photos and Polaroid shots that reflect the event.
Though the 1976 event did generate and mildly model for the ONE fiction story that I ever wrote, the 1976 event has more power, more kick for memory cells, and, in the end, much more value. Primarily because it really happened. (I know, how many hundreds of times have you heard “real”?) But am in no mood to tell any more sex fiction, well, for a while. And, as a Midwest university hall resident of the era, I was lucky enough to be directly involved in some spectactularly gross events. Hey, make your own history.
And, I will try to do all I can with what I have left in references, to accurately detail that 1976 history of mine...
See, this little blonde was central to a sex show that I will never forget. In spring 1976, she both volunteered to be, and was just slightly paid to be, fucked in front of a group of university hall residents. She was a local Indiana girl, attending college, modeling for the art department, and dancing at a local whisky bar. Being a hippy cross-over, she jokingly admitted that she had many lovers since first being fucked at 14 yr. old.
Till these last two years at school, she had usually stayed with one guy at a time, anywhere between 6 months and a year or so...each. Then, between regulars, she started to make some extra money doing what she apparently “loved” to do. Known for having a most sweet nature, smiling and fucking for hours, she helped many males on the campus. Yeah, really nice and a semi-pro fucker, all in one package . Very unusual.
She was told that a group of 14 male residents had banded together and were funding a private fuck show, to be done at a local club house. She knew that she wasn’t going to fuck them, rathera real pro male from St. Louis. That the guys had spent most of their combined money to get this black man with a huge penis to travel over 200 miles to the Indiana campus. The grapevine did all this guy’s advertising. Once our 14 called him to set up his show, we found out that we needed to provide the girl for him.
He had always worked that way, leaving the proof behind when he headed back to St. Louis. So, our little blonde said she wanted to do it. She admitted that she liked really big guys. That the hall residents recruited one for her, well, that seemed “just peachy!”. She said that she would leave her dancing early on the Saturday night, and be at the club house by ten. The guys’ representative said that she would get $55 before the fuck. (Boy, when I think about the price now, it seems so VERY cheap for what would get done to her).
Which brings up topics that she did not know about. The St. Louis fella was very up-front about what the audience could have for their money. He threw the decision back upon those who were paying. And yes, I was one of the original 14 who needed to decide what was to happen that Saturday night. His one mandatory item: no condom. First, no human condom would even begin to fit. Second, he liked cuming inside the girl.
But the rest, the actual show, was continuously variable. If we wished, he would limit himself to some sweet fucking, not pushing any girl beyond what she could normally take. According to him, that left a lot of him outside the girl. He advised this kind of show, if there were any chance at all of any involvement of our own wife or girlfriend, or a wife or girlfriend of someone who we might even remotely know.
The next type of show was more intense. If we had a girl lined up, like a campus slut or even a prostitute, we could let him try to show us more of what he was capable of doing. Typically, he said that would include a couple of warm up, slow stretching type fucks, early in the evening, maybe even before the main audience got to the club house.
Then from the third fuck on, he would really try to get it in her. However deep he got, he would then start twisting and prying. At that point, almost for certain, the young lady would begin to have at least “small tears”. He would keep that up for a while, as long as she could take it. And that would be the example of the most common show that he did. He bragged that usually had the audience squealing right up there with the girl !
Here comes “the too silly to be real” part that all the fiction watchers are looking for. But what he offered at all show levels sounded real, at least it might be for a guy with world class equipment. And the decision that we all had to make was real, even if, say, he wasn’t anything like the grapevine advertisements or his personal claim. So, even if it wouldn’t happen, to get to decide the specifics of a fantasy show was, at that moment, a nasty thrill.
The extreme choice that he mentioned last was one he very much enjoyed. But he had only been allowed to do it to a dozen or so girls. Sometimes, in the past, a group paying him would have a girl that they really wanted to see pumped hard. Fairly sadistic. Certainly no worry about the girl’s condition in that type of show. He just summed it up as pumping her as hard and fast as a little 6 inch guy might do.
He and she would be stoned, with him tripping out on permanently making changes deep inside her. Without using the word, it still sounded like he was describing a kind of sacrifice. To him? To his cock? (OK, so this is where I stole the premise for my fiction story from him). And, with that, he said something like, “up to you now, with anything in between.”
Geez, most of the guys were acting like idiots, with a few weighing the situation like judges. I mean, who would expect to get to make such a decision. Well, immediately, the first choice was dropped. We were not getting him, to halfway do it. No wives or girlfriends were involved.
Then the silliest discussion of degrees took over. Starting with his standard performance, how far do you go? Finally, one of the floor counselors (there were 3 there!) pulled a Solomon trick.Saying that we should, in turn, throw it back to him and let him and nature decide the degree of treatment to finally be obtained during the show. OK, that passed unanimously. But was that not just our pro’s extreme package in another wrapping??? I was just so stupid, that I did not realize there was no distinction, or, in the back of my head, I really wanted the full treatment from the first moment that I heard about it.
About three of us remembered what the giant pro said about warm up stretching. Suddenly, it seemed like a serious step for the entire evening. No silly porno joke, just a real concern for physics/dynamics. We did want her to last well into the evening. So, our little blonde was asked if she could come by the club house more like 8:00 PM. No problem and a quick “sure”. He would be there long before that...
By the way, I should mention that this club house was in a strange location, that is, if you consider what most small towns and villages consider a club house. Typically, one would think of rural, out of the way, hidden, near a golf course, et al. This one was right in the downtown of a 100, 000 plus city. It had been through too many reincarnations , none successful. Now the owner just rented it out to private functions. Having been a dance club, a bar and being on the same block as the now only successful disco of that area, it was close to the action and only 10 minutes from campus.
There were various businesses (very few night time ones) up and down what used to be the street. That distinction is important, since this was the time period where cities blocked off many streets and turned them into garden walks, benches under trees and other outside fluff. All hoping to increase foot traffic downtown and keep the cars away. That it did not work that way is not important. That such an outside existed did become important on that Saturday night.
The night “came”. Several of the “investors” were already at the club house. The place had a big open area entrance from the walk way, actually extending the look and feel of the walkway. Inside, the place had been sectioned off for various activities. Thinking of the cozy original audience number, we picked a smaller area within. There they had a sound system and two large beds in place.
Note that our city was powerfully represented by at least 6 swinger clubs in the 1970s. This place’s accommodations reflected that. We had introduced ourselves to the pro; he was muscular and a little over 6 ft. Not the overall image that we expected. As nice hosts, we gave him his first hits of smoke and coke.
So, he was already in a very good mood when the little blonde arrived at 7:55. Under her coat, she still had on a red top that she had taken to the whisky bar. She was using it as a com complete dress; however, it really was just a cute top and hardly went below her crack. White go-go boots, the top and a thong. That was about the total of it. We quickly let her smoke and do a whole line herself. Catch up. As well, we needed to do some strong prep for her meeting. I was messing with the 8mm camera all that time. I only had about 8 to 10 rolls.
Now days, video guys don’t know the pressure of having to plan ahead and do in camera editing. There were only so many minutes of film. One of the other guys, and damn it, I don’t rememberhis name, had a good still camera. *Hey cameraman, if you read this, immediately leave me a message here at the forum.
So, then our pro and our girl decided to work up a little action. When his cock dangled out of his pants, I am sure that the guys present were more startled than she was. She had spent the last week trying to find out more about the “St. Louis” legend and had prepared herself for seeing a big cock. But still, when she stroked it, it not only got longer and longer and longer, it also gotvery hard. Hard, like in rock hard. During this era, John Holmes reigned as the great white hope. But he was very soft and shorter in length than our pro !!!
She twanged it several times as it enlarged and literally sucked it up to full size. After he was set, I was impressed with how smoothly she slid across the bed and into the missionary position. After some lube and several attempts, he started putting it into her. There was no music yet, and you could hear the connection. She had gotten very wet, in dutiful preparation. Helped a lot. After a few minutes, he was pumping a good 6 to 7 inches in and out. We were supposed to be prepping for the others - you know, drinks, music, drugs... But all we did was stand around with our mouths open. Approximately 20 minutes into it, I startled enough to begin filming. Hell, everything was a good view. So, it was just a question of rationing the film.
He stayed nice and easy during the first fuck, probably not going in beyond 8", doing smooth slow movements all the while. At the end, after she had already cum a bunch, and still in missionary, he held it in solid and she raised her butt up and pumped on it. He came. A large amount of white goo came out of her and on to the sheet. She cleaned up. Came back in about 10 minutes, smoked with him again and sat around joking and talking. I think that was the time that she massaged him. After a while she began to massage the cock.
So, when, for the second time, it jumped up, he suggested she put her rear in the air with her head down. She paused just for a second, taking a look at the now rock hard cock. Then she complied, putting the ass way up high. You could tell she knew things were going to escalate with her pussy in a position that allowed maximum penetration. And they did escalate, as he got in, went deeper immediately, and started to grind.
Umms and oooohs were calmly given off by her, even as he probed to see how much she could take. It appeared that this second, stretching, fuck was going as planned. He had to have about 10" in her, and quite a bit still outside of her. Which looked even more impressive than it sounds.
While in deep, he started rocking and rotating. Yes, the famous too tight suction sounds, etc. But just before he quit, and he did not cum this time, he wanted to do some heavy stretching. In the last minute or so, he ground till she snapped and popped. Actually fairly loud. Just a minor moan from her. Tough kid. But, when she got up to go to the bathroom to prepare for the rest of the evening, for just a moment, I could see that her pussy was slightly red and puffy at the edges. During my view, the center of her pussy remained wide open. I did get it on film and always considered it a great biological education of what a girl looked like when very well screwed.
It was 9:15, and she began fixing her hair differently, even curling ! To get screwed again? Well, I think that she took the audience idea seriously. In addition, she had a great time being prepped. I am sure she was wondering what was going to happen, as much as we were. We, being the ones who were there to see the prep fucks. The people who weren’t there yet just had no idea what was going to happen. Not in their wildest...
I keep thinking that I would not have to type any of this, if that damn film had not burnt. But, that is not true. The behind the scenes, the personal connections, all come with having been there during the trippy times of the 70s. Guess it needs telling.
By the way, I am typing this as fast as I can, for I get to do it from memory, not from a complex fantasy that needs to be worked over time. Those fantasies are very nice. This reality thing can be better.
And so, the gang all began to show up from 9:45 on. Except, there was more gang than I remember planning for. Seems like the original 14 could not keep their mouths shut. Glad we went for the club house, since, by 10:00, 24 males and 7 females were there as an audience. Both of our stars were in the main bathroom, getting some more toke and coke. As well our blonde was finishing her hair and putting on a new outfit to begin the show with. She knew that the outfit shouldn’t and wouldn’t last long. Both were really acting like pros. I found myself more than proud of our little female representative. Uh, strange feeling, but well earned.
Our guest fucker walks out of the bathroom with a robe on, and, no less, waved at the crowd. He especially waved at the females in the audience, giving them a Cheshire cat smile as well. The blonde walked out of the bathroom a few seconds later, just as one of the guys starts a 70s early disco record. I forget who it was. Don’t care for it usually. But that night it seemed very appropriate. Besides that early humpa music still had some real R&B licks in it.
The blonde got some reaction immediately since she was wearing a kind of paisley version of an aussie hat and only a thong with black fringe and a pair of black heels. The audience did approve. She sat on a bass drum that, for some reason, was left in the room. She looked cute there and let some stills be taken (some by the guy I am looking for, and some by audience members).
Then she noticed Mr. St. Louis flash a few of the girls by opening his robe quickly. Those girls went hysterical with disbelief. As he was going in and out of that mode, she decided to start the show. She tossed her hat, snapped off her thong and kicked off her shoes. Applause. Lots of it. She let some Polaroids and other stills be taken with her nude. She looked great, even with the strange wall coverings and patterns behind her...
She got up on her knees in front of the bass drum, gave a cute smile to my 8mm and another Polaroid, and waited for him to walk across the room. As he did so, he dropped his robe. A fair amount of “Oh, my God!” and staggered applause followed. He walked right over to her. He was already hard again. She was just at the right height, sitting there on her knees. The end of his cock went right to her mouth. & nbsp; So, she showed the crowd an excellent blowjob. Though, it was limited to the tip of his long device. The tip and inches just beyond being more than most guys in the place had in totality. Good scene. After, she took it in her hand and led him over to the bed. The beat of the music was just right, as the blonde laid back to let him demo on her.
As he hunched over, he allowed the cock to lay on top of her belly. That, obviously, was part of the show, displaying his length and its ratio to her. Good thing the music was going, because all the people became quiet for a moment, as they looked at his equipment. I could see a couple of bright eyes in the original group, sort of acknowledging that the guy was “worth it !”
She began to spread her legs. Everyone could see that her pussy was already beet red from “just” the warm up. He anticipated that condition and had already placed some Vaseline by the bed. He quickly lubed up, pushed her legs apart and started immediately sliding into her. She was sensitive and suddenly began heavy breathing. She took on an intense look, and readied herself for the workout. Awful cute, laying there.
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But still very obscene with that huge black cock sliding in and out. I was stoned, occasionally filming, and only, at that point, remembered which deal that we had gone with. We had committed the blonde to his favorite fuck. I remembered that he considered it a form of sacrifice. I really got a little shook, just thinking about what might happen to her.
I looked over at the two, and you could see him already twisting and churning as he tried to get it in her much faster than earlier. She realized that he was going to fuck her hard. Instead of moving away from the pounding, she actually moved down onto it and met him with his thrusts. The music was loud. But even with it, you could hear her scream. Certainly between cuts or in a softer musical moment, you could hear her little squeal.
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The crowd also began to notice that they could hear her pussy getting banged. That seemed to turn on a lot of the crowd. This was a real bang. Till now, everyone there had thrown around such terms without much meaning. But, here, they had a real one. They knew that they were watching a girl getting beat hard, that her organs were being moved around ferociously. They watched him pump, with a deep loud thump sound coming from inside the blonde each time he went deep. They watched her stomach, where they could see the outline of his cock moving up and down and through her. They looked amazed.
Now, he went deeper. He actually almost had all of that thing inside her. When he got it in like that, he held it there, still pushing forward, trying to continue the constant stretching of her vagina. Everyone could tell that he was having a good time, literally taking our local girl’s pussy up in size. At this point in time, when he went deep, he still had an inch or so on the outside. He could not get it all in, yet. But he still wanted to make permanent changes. That was a major part of even his standard show.
So, his twisting and side to side movements became more intense, especially when he was in at his deepest. That would distort the ring of her opening so much that the edges made the same snapping and popping sound that they did once during the second warm up fuck. But now they were doing it a lot. And the sound was much louder. Sometimes, she would break her rhythm of violent breathing and moan after some of the louder snaps and pops.
Guys, and girls, were moving around to get a view down between the blonde’s legs. They watched him continue to make her almost entirely take a cock that most people there had never believed existed. They could see the blonde’s pussy over stretched, with some minor tears around those edges. (this is another effect that I stole from this guy’s fuck to put in that separate piece of fiction!) (How could I help it?)
The humpa humpa music continued and increased in volume. The audience mostly focused on the girl’s pussy. And I was tingling with scared anticipation. Still, I did get some of those scenes with the 8mm. More important to this story, I noticed a friend at least getting Polaroids of her condition (a source that would be important later) In the last ten minutes, he had finally, occasionally, gotten all of his cock inside her. Some loud screams, more moans, and panting, with what looked and sounded like great orgasms in between ! She still seemed to be successfully figuring out how to get the most out of the very intense situation.
He did not cum this time either, in the final few minutes, choosing to place himself in deep and do some heavy twisting. Girls in the audience oohed and aahed, when they heard louder snaps and pops and saw the changes. A favorite phrase for the guys in 1976 was “Holy Shit!”. I heard a lot of that during the finish of the third fuck.
He seemed like he wanted to surprise her by giving her a little rest. But he told her first, that he was not done. He got her to nod her head that she understood, and that she would be back for more after a break. He whispered in her ear. But I was close to the bed and someone was changing the music, so I got to hear what he said to her, “a lot more.” She actually gave a smile. Fatalistic maybe, but a smile.
She got up and went to the bathroom. She was holding her pussy as she went to “refresh” !?! Several of us changed the sheets on the bed, while others mulled around, drank, smoked and generally looked stupefied. I am sure they were wondering what could top that first round that they saw. Since it was my third round, and since I knew what permission we had granted him, I was really in awe. I certainly did not know what he had in mind.
I did have plenty of folklore tales to go over in my head. I was thinking about what he got out of this, I mean besides sex with great looking women and good money for the times. It was as if he was tooling her just like a tattoo or branding artist might do to other areas. With his expressed favorite fuck, oh, yeah, the sadism came to mind. But, then again, he seemed to have politeness, even basic affection for the girl. ??? It was just that he was determined to leave her his size or better, giving her as lasting of an impression as the tattoo or branding artist might leave. He seemed to be well on his way to that feat. People were tripping, for real, stoned out of their minds, and watching a very rare kind of extremely hard fuck. Seriously, it was overwhelming.
During this brief break, I learned that, earlier, when they were prepping in the bathroom, they had shared some mescaline tabs. Maybe he only did that when he was going to really go after the woman big time? Certainly, when the drug would finally hit, you would have increased sensitivity of all types. The trippy colors, the giddy moods, and the sexual feelings that even made small sex, that is sex with small equipment, incredible. The standard mescaline sex usually made each side of the mating connection feel like there couldn’t be any bigger or better.
Absorption of the drug had to be greatly increased by all that physical activity of the third fuck. But it takes a while for that drug to hit. While our blonde was in the bathroom, I noticed that the St. Louis visitor developed saucer eyes and a new attitude.
His cock got back up, all by itself, responding to encouragement from the crowd. He was especially encouraged by the females in the audience. Between jokes about boys standard equipment, they, except for a few quiet ones, expressed interest is seeing the cock up close.
Suppose that really helped a pro back into action; but the mescaline hitting only finalized still another hard on. All that and the fact that he had not really cum since the first warm up fuck earlier in the evening. Then, it occurred to me that he really had this thing well planned. 100% ready to go physically, at the right time with the right drug. He took his tool (he was using it like one) over to the girls.
All moved in, pulling up chairs, sitting in each others’ laps, anything to get close to it. He encouraged them to fondle it. When they did, all of us got more information. For one thing, the length was beyond the width of four female hands. I later estimated that most girls have a hand that is 3 to 4 inches wide. And two hands encircled it just right. All that naturally happened as they closely examined it. Several girls, who had held it, commented on how extremely hard it was. They decided that our little blonde volunteer must be getting beat on the inside as she might be, as one girl put it, “from a billy club” - smiles all around, then nervous eye flutter and comments about the blonde being tough.
The comments ended with wonder about what would happen to her pussy when the two started back up. Two of the girls seemed to know that he was now stoned on some powerful aphrodisiac and bigger and harder than they saw him get during that third fuck. I thought the same; I could even include the fucks earlier, before the crowd arrived.
The girls were still examining, looking at the opening, looking at the pink stains along the shaft and down onto the sac, and obviously smelling the blonde on there too. One pointed her finger along his stained cock and turned around to comment to her friend. Her friend nodded and raised her eyebrows.
Just then, the blonde came out of the bathroom. She had quickly showered, had on a different perfume, had her hair straight and pulled back with a band on top (ready for a real workout now?), and had the same saucer eyes and wonder look that the guy had. No pretense of an outfit this time.
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I was back to looking at her, getting ready to film again, when I heard what I took as a very nasty comment by one of the last girls to hold the cock. She was looking at the guy’s face, giving the cock a few send off strokes, and saying “go get her.” Then she nodded her head in the direction of the little blonde. Wow. That seemed as rough and nasty as anything that I had heard out the males in the crowd. But this was from one of the girls, girls who weren’t even supposed to be there !
He swung around and pointed at the blonde with his huge thing. A thicker diameter than earlier was noticeable. It had to be due to the drug. The music was changed back to humpa humpa rhythms and turned up. She casually walked over to him. She didn’t really need to do so, but because she was so stoned, she asked the obvious. She wanted to know if he was “off” like her. Just before she grabbed his cock, I remember him saying loudly “oh, yeah!”
As she began to stroke him, she leaned forward and stood on her toes to get her mouth at his ear level. She said something. With the crowd already yelling and the music cranked, I only heard his answer, mainly because he was aimed right at me. She was tugging on him and sliding her right leg up and down his left, as he said something about the crowd wanting her to be “drilled hard”. She looked around at the crowd, with her eyes real wide open. Still stroking like a clock, still rubbing her leg up and down him. Again, she stretched up to his ear.
I absolutely heard him clearly say, “I...want to fuck you, harder than even they want.” He had her straddle it. She looked around to all of us and grinned as he stuck straight through her standing legs and out the back. She clenched her legs and started tugging on him with them. Sort of looked like a black flagpole sticking out, away from a building. Way out and away. He pulled out enough to flip his cock back into the open. Then, they both approached one of our so-called leaders.
While they were talking, some more visitors, some from the next door disco, some even from the bar where she danced, all arrived at the entrance walk. They were telling the guys at the door, that they “just wanted to see, too !” It was getting a little out of hand, since the original group told their friends, who told their friends, since the disco people next door met some of our people during the “break”, and since it had even gotten out at the whisky bar about her going to get screwed somewhere, somehow.
All those people were resourceful. Our fuck couple noticed the commotion, and brought that topic into their conversation with our fearful leader. Our rep had the door guards tell the outside people to just wait a while and be patient, that we might have something for them later. Our rep also came forward, asked for the music to be turned down, and made an announcement that the “main event” was coming up. He said that he knew most there had been lucky enough to see the first time around (three for me).
Then he stated that both performers were now well primed. He cast a hand in the direction of the two and the prominent cock. Applause. Whistles. “And we have a real exciting agreement here. An agreement like you’ll probably never hear of, and certainly never ever see of, again.” Boy, I could tell that he was getting nervous, and that he was hesitant to give the details. But, he did regain his composure enough to pass it.
“I am going to get them to help me clarify. OK, so you guys are pretty stoned?” Two heads nodded. “But you have still been able to come to an agreement?” Again, nodding. Our blonde was given an opportunity to speak. “ (rolls her dilated eyes), but...I just want you to know...uh, that he can do anything that he wants to do.” That last section was said in a speedy manner, and was followed by a sheepish grin and a big squeeze on his cock. She had her very sweet mood, but hardly any ability to speak well at that moment.
Mr. St. Louis spoke up. “I am having a great time here. And I want you guys to have even more of a show than you expected. I intend for you to have THAT show.” Pause, for quite a fewseconds. Looks at her. “We seem to have come up with the best combination here, tonight. Someone who wants to take it, and someone who wants to give it.” Nervous laughs in the audience.
“Anything I want?” Looks at her sheepish grin. “If I can do that, then I want to fuck her a long time. I want to stretch her more than she can take.” He turned to the blonde. “Let me just see how big that I can make you.” He turned back to the crowd. “As I used to hear when I was growing up in the neighborhood, ” Grabs his cock. “I want to make her a new one.” The audience was mixing laughing, clapping, and roaring with cautious oooohs. She did not act scared, or act like she did not want this extreme fuck. She just looked like the cute, very stoned, little blonde that she was.
Perhaps her nature, with a basic pleasure reinterpretation of what other girls might think of as pain, her own sexual fantasies and the mescaline were all at work. It made for a most agreeable full demo.
That is when our male pro had an idea about how to proceed with the next fuck. He knew unusual locations were stimulation for everyone involved. He also knew about the larger group of voyeurs at the outside door. He asked that one of the mattresses be dragged through the hallways, to the walk way entrance. Imagine being one of those waiting outside, when some of our guys came dragging a mattress out to the open air walk way. Then, about 50 ft. out, where the city stuff started, they threw the mattress under a security light that had a fair amount of foliage encircling it. The crowd had its first taste of “gasp”. Must have been a real freak out.
I was changing more film, the primary crowd was moving out toward the walk way to mix with the newly surprised crowd, and our blonde was always stroking him. It looked like a hysterical sex comic, with her holding onto the cock like it was a push pull device to get him around the room and all the interfering activities of the new preparations. Sort of like - here this way, no, now that way. There is absolutely no way that I can forget such things.
So, funny, then, the next minute sexually steaming. Helping prep for steam outside, many of the original gang were looking around for authorities or someone who might even act like an authority. But you have to understand. This was the 70s. No gangs. No need for the Indiana police to even patrol such a place. The places of need were miles away, perfectly accessed by patrol cars.
Here there was no such thing as a bike patrol. There wasn’t even any foot patrol funded by the city. And there was no way for a patrol car to access within 2 blocks. The nice vertical bars at each end of the street limited any intrusion by any normal vehicle. Great that it wasn’t well thought out for safety! A perfect place for a sexual spectacle.
Right then, the two mescaline/smoke/coke freaks walked out the door of the building. What a roar. The new viewers were thrilled. Like so many of us that night, this was not even in their wildest dreams. They could not think it up. For those new people it was a whirlwind that they would have to keep up with, and, maybe, that is maybe, comprehend a little it of much later.
This was a great place. Good weather, an unusual but isolated place, lots of very bright white light (70s = no orange gas lights). And, of course, no “always with you” cameras or cell phones with cameras in the 70s. Perfect in many ways. Glad “he” thought of it. My, first of its kind, low light 8mm camera was very happy. The audience parted, just like the sea did for Moses; that cock must have looked very threatening.
The two of them went over to the area where the mattress was laying, right under the pole light. But light was coming from other poles and lights that were closer to the ground. The two were very well lit. On their own trip now, for real, they went about getting ready to test the mescaline theme drug combo and show what happens if you’re a girl, get stoned, and fuck one of the biggest and hardest cocks in the world. This was quite educational in so many ways, at so many levels.
He was not too stoned to forget the Vaseline. After all, she was already swollen, with more than a few rough spots from the third fuck. She was a darling image outside in the bright light. He was, of course, unbelievable. His first idea was to not use the mattress, yet. He had her lean forward and grab the light pole with two hands. He kept her almost out of such reach, causing her be at a perfect right angle bend. Great looking little girl. Then, when she was set up, he spread her legs wide. He directly lubed her pussy, and wiped more on his cock. This had to be, had to be, one of the best situations that he had ever gotten into. He must have been thinking something like that, when he started into her. He put about 4 or 5 inches in her quickly. She looked like she was being bred at the stables. Her pussy opened up wide, with the sides of his cock pushing up against each butt cheek firmly; that looked like it might look if she just reached back there and spread them wide with both hands.
The new and old audience were all trying to get a look at a petite rear with a xxx large plug inserted (sorry!). More could do that outside, under the bright lights. Some were at the other end, down by the pole, watching her face and listening to her. No loud music out there. In the distance, around the corner, you could hear the disco. And it was playing appropriate rhythms. But there was nothing to interfere with hearing every little close up sound of these two fucking.
He kept her in the same position and just slowly started walking into her. Within just a few minutes, he was 8 to 10 inches into her once again. That depth took 45 minutes, early in the evening. As he held her waist, he would try to walk into her a little more as often as he could. She was heavy breathing and, every few minutes, bucking, squealing, and apparently cuming.
The old crowd was trying to filter information through the new crowd, so that the new ones would begin to understand what was supposed to happen to the local girl. And many in the new crowd actually knew her, or, at least, had seen her dance. There may have been a few guys there who had even fucked her pussy as it had been in the past. They must have had a special sensation, when they saw what was happening to her.
As the crowd adjusted to the new info and the ongoing scene, more and more came on as cheerleaders. That was interesting in itself. So, the idea gets around that this guy is trying to ream this girl out, even split her if he can with his giant cock, and they cheer? Well, for whatever reason, they did. Now that we mixed in more general crowds, the girls in the crowd were an even bigger percentage. They seemed to yell him on as much or more than the guys did. It may have just been that their frequencies cut through the din better ! Still, they seemed to like the idea of another girl, any other girl but them, getting her pussy permanently resized.
With the cheerleading and about ten minutes of time, he was almost all into her. It took the total duration of three earlier fucks for him to get to the same point that he had now gotten in ten minutes. She was changing. Up to this point it may have mostly been temporary stretching. Oh, she had some enlargement by the third fuck, most notably the vaginal opening diameter. And I am sure her regular guys would have already been able to tell a “big” difference. But, except for that, perhaps it was not major.
Everything seem to change within the next few minutes. I, personally, think they were both really into it, that she made it apparent that she liked the kind of sex that displaced organs, that he was on a familiar quest for that also, and that they were now tripping simultaneously with those same goals. It had to be something like that, or I wouldn’t have been able to see such an event. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of girls have had similar drug high sex with their significant, so they know how uncontrolled and sensitive that can be. Hardly any on this earth have done that with a guy this large.
The crowd was watching that true black pole plunge in and out of her. A sort of sex mob mentality started to form, with the cheerleading beginning to get as rough as tonight’s original intent might have truly been. Our fuckers weren’t paying much attention, as they were off into their own world. By now he was burying it in her. The slapping and deep thumps were echoing off the surrounding buildings.
When he hit her deep now, he also was slapping the air out of her. Or, at least, that is what it sounded like. He kept pretty much straight line while she was holding the pole. So, slaps and the deep sounds were most common. There was a large group hovering over her rear, watching him disappear into her. They could only imagine that length throughout her.
But out where everyone could see clearly, our blonde’s pussy was stretched taunt to a new diameter. The members of the audience who were closest were elbowing themselves and pointing at the pussy being pulled out when he withdrew. Several inches of her stretched out that way each time, just before he put it all right back into her.
She did have a very slight tear at the outer edge of her ring, at what I much later learned was the v. fossa and the back (posterior) of her labia majora. OK, too techie! That area would have been directly down in front of him as he worked her during the “grab the pole” position. As he was pumping, he could not have missed it. This is what the up close crowd noticed too. Anyway, I got it on film, and we all interpreted it as her being just a tiny bit bigger than ever. If he kept this up, that was one indication that she would not be able to clamp down on little dicks with that sheath !
Deeper in, of course, there were changes that we could not necessarily see. But we could see his cock disappear into her. And we could hear the deep sound when he bottomed out. It does not take a scientist to figure out that her pussy was now just as deep as he was long. Once he got to this point, he knew to keep pounding. He said something that I really think indicated he could feel the actual sensation of permanently stretched fibers, not just the temporary stretching that he felt her do now.
He had looked over at me holding the camera and mouthed for the lens the words “gotta keep working on her”. Then a pause for the viewer to get what he said. “I can feel when she GOES !” Now, right then, he was all showman, smile and all. And that sent a shiver down me. Whew.
I stopped filming, because I was running out of my 7th roll. I looked down at this huge connection between the two standing there. She seemed to really like him deep in her, knocking everything around. Sometimes, after being hit very hard 5 or 6 times in a row, she would actually giggle and then get the breath knocked out her.
Her sensory interpretation of the pounding as a pleasure was absolutely perfect for that evening. We could not have gotten a better girl for the job! That I was able to verify that she was just as much of a drugged up pervert as, say, I was, or even he was, well... That helped with my guilt about what was happening to her pussy. By the way, she looked as cute as ever stuck on that pole.
And, yes, a lot of us perverts found it a once in a lifetime turn on that a guy could fuck such a girl so much, so hard, so wide, and so deep that old over used phrases like “split her” might really have some sort of meaning. Even if only a very limited and technical use of the meaning, not the ridiculous, it now, at least, had a real visual to go along with it
I had the feeling that he could have torn much more than a tiny crease, while she was holding on to the pole. But he did not. I suspected, and later confirmed, that he was only saving her for another moment. He began slowing down and fucking just a little more lightly. He then pulled it out. With all the extra bright light, you could see it covered in a mix of her own lube.
Surprisingly, to me, there wasn’t much pink to indicate bleeding. Think about it. She was one tough cookie. Guys all the time, even with little equipment, accidently make a girl bleed. They don’t mean to. Accidents, or getting raw, etc., happen. And here this girl was getting the fucking of her lifetime, getting poked hard by that huge cock. Go figure.
Twenty minutes into the fuck and he finally decides to change position. But, it wasn’t for her own good. As he pulled her back and laid her upon the mattress that was lying on the grass between the bushes, he could not help noticing that the crowd had grown again. Some guys and gals had gone back to their place of origin to say what just had to be seen to be believed. So, we now did have more of her whisky bar patrons, as well as a lot more viewers from the disco down the street.
He looked back at her laying there, trying to get her breath. Her lower abdomen was pulsating. “Gotcha going, don’t I?” Referring to what seemed to be spasms. She reached up to grab his cock and pull it toward her. He went down on his knees, quickly grabbed some more Vaseline and slapped it on. Coke, mescaline and/or just because of his nature, he was as hard as ever.
He spread her legs and started in again. He surprised her by slamming it in all the way with one big thrust. She screamed loudly. He looked down at her stuck on him like that. Then she actually grinned and wiggled.
I remember thinking that, as a target of the assault, she was just as much a star of that night’s public fuck. I will never know whether she was waiting for something like tonight to happen, and really wanted stretched big time, or she just adapted quickly and made the decision tonight. Either way, she was doing her part with perfection. He seemed to really appreciate her attitude, and knew he could get away with maximum tonight.
He slid her left leg between his legs, and lifted the right leg onto his shoulder. By the way, there now was a slight amount blood on her upper left leg. Very small. At that point in the evening, I believe that it came from the same location everyone was looking at earlier. This new position, a sort of sideways open scissors, allowed him to do some of the deepest fucking yet. I had film in the 8mm and was able to catch some of this position. The crowd came up again at this point, cheering again. I loved the whole deal, and felt like the whole evening was one big trip. Not unreal. But you can classify it as surreal !!!
Some great humping music started coming from the disco down the block. Some more of their patrons arrived too. And he started fucking her to the exact rhythm of the music. He allowed almost one whole song to go by before he went in all the way. Her biggest scream, so far, immediately followed that thrust. He held that right leg tight, close to him, and reached down under her left side, right for that cute little pelvis. That big right hand of his began to pull her pelvis down onto the cock and against every punch.
Now, it was clear that her vaginal opening was bleeding from the right edges, where the stretch of the right leg going up had put some additional pressure (while he was poking that same edge in and out). I was trying to film, as those people around me motioned, pointed and stated their amazement in about as many ways as there were people who could see.
He was com completely into this show. And this was a show that started out, months before, as a university sex prank to demo one of the largest cocks known. Well, we were already getting a fantastic demo on a fantastic girl. And, in total, it was turning out more like some sort of sex olympics, with the athletes only just warmed up! I was physically and emotionally exhausted.
*For those sensitive persons out there, I have noted that I, as one of the instigators, felt conflicting emotions about any damage to the little blonde. It is just that you “absolutely had to be there” to understand the intensity of both fuckers. When I consider the websites and kinkiness of today, these fuckers were pretty natural in their methods. Today, there is a lot of damage that is not done by genitals !
Now that I am putting this quickly down, I realize that my fiction stuff was totally affected by this one night. I can see where I took off into fantasy land, starting from every highlight of that special night. I also now realize that I should have written this account, rather than try to top it.
With the blatant show in mind, he looked in all directions around the mattress and noted where the brightest light landed. He pulled her rear, still scissored with the right leg up, into one of the bright sections on the mattress. And he pumped her hard again. Another one of her big screams came out of her. Then she went back to her own rhythmic panting. He seemed to purposefully be pulling his cock up to that right edge of hers, putting more pressure there than earlier. A few around me gave him the “oh, yeah” or “OK” cheers. He was back in rhythm with disco music again, pumping on the count.
He fucked her that way for another two long disco songs. Before he changed position, she had once again begun to shove against him. So, here you had him in all the way, and her doing the grinding. Just before he pulled out of this position, she had managed to over stretch and tear herself a lot more than he had done to her earlier. The right edge had a notable tear now, which appeared as a small wedge shape. She expressed no worry at all and seemed to be having a lot of fun at that moment. And just as he thought she was done for the round, she rolled him over, put herself on top, and sat there drawing his length in and out of herself. Personality, attitude, sexual philosophy, and drug effect had to all be operating for her not to hesitate in continuing.
When he pulled out into the bright light, he moved slowly so that the crowd could see his cock very well. Now, it did have some blood at its base, extending down onto the sac. It seemed that he was getting past his standard show, or at least what I had thought was his standard show. That he looked in no way finished made me think he was proceeding with his wildest type of show.
She had gotten up on her knees and wiped herself with one of the fitted sheet edges that had broken loose during the violent fucking. She continued to set the mood, by looking up with a smile while rubbing her abdomen. All that beating had just taken place, and she appeared still very stoned and trippy about the whole thing.
She was more than cooperating up to that point. I still felt incapable of even imagining that there was a girl who would cooperate so well in having such changes made to her. It seemed as rare as, say, a guy with a giant hard cock might be. And we were able to get these two together !?!?
As the show went on to the next level, I gave up trying to predict how long we would all be out there. He had his own time schedule. He laid her onto her back and moved her pussy back into bright light. Once there, he spread her legs real wide. Everyone, including him, was looking at her opening, beet red and swollen. He reached down and parted the swollen lips and stretched her out for all to see. She had lots of little tears, all around. The one on her right side, where he and she had just worked so hard, was bigger than most. But the original spot of focus, that on the back of her sheath, was now just as big as that one on the right edge.
At this degree, were she left to heal nicely, a large crowd now knew that this local blonde was never for little boys again. A lot of her friends and fellow dancers were looking into her opening at that moment.
This guy continued to know exactly what he was doing. It was like he was never so stoned as to forget his purpose, his show. All I could think of was ‘pride in your work’? She just laid there, up on her elbows, and calmly allowed him to show her off as a project still in progress. But she appeared MUCH MORE stoned than he was. I am not sure that she could do anything but go along with “whatever”.
Then he jacked a little with Vaseline. Right back up it went. He was maintaining his size and holding onto his cum real well.
17 I didn’t know it at the time, but the next action was what he planned as second to the last. He greased up one more time, gave her a little peck kiss on the forehead, and shoved it in missionary style. But this was quickly like no missionary that I had ever seen. He was determined to intensify his show. As if he had been sweet and easy ?He rammed right up the middle. He grabbed her pelvis and rammed it back onto him hard, as he went forward. She was screaming and grabbing at him. A conflict of pushing and pulling took over. He kept plunging in and pulling her up tight on himself each time. He started some heavy duty grinding, taking all stretches to the extreme, forcing her opening to give a lot in all those directions.
18Heavy smacking. The hardest low frequency thumps and thuds of the evening. Then he held her still for a second. Next he pulled her just as hard sideways across his cock, from one extreme side to the other. He hesitated at each extreme, waiting for a loud pop to occur.
Back and forth he went for quite a while. Dozens of times. Popping her edges at each pull of his cock. I lost count and ran out of film. She was screaming a lot now. Rolling her eyes and clawing at the mattress and what was left of the sheet.
He would go back into standard thrusts; by that time he could get all of his cock, including its base, deep into her. Back to the twisting and side to side. Another series of holding her down on it tightly and yanking side to side for the popping. He eased up a little. But just went back to fucking her in similar fashion for another 20 minutes, at least. Then he pulled out and rolled over onto his back. The cock, now black and red, pointed straight up.
She was laying there with her legs still spread. Yes, the mattress had minor red stains. But she was still with us. That, I could not believe. She was trying to regain her breath.
She reached over and grabbed some Vaseline and rubbed it all over her bright red pussy. And she put a little inside. Lots of applause - for one or the other or the total. I could not tell which. Yes, I know, all were perverts. Just a matter of degrees.
He looked at her, picked her up and carried her around the crowd, so they could look closely. He had her looped over his left arm, with her head down and her ass up. Rag doll. He would walk up, point her ass toward a group and spread her pussy with his right hand. Those people had never seen such a huge pussy.
All stretched out, with little splits of her inner ring going in every direction. When he held it wide, you could also see great depth. She could clearly hear them comment about how big she was and would continue to be. She reached over and grabbed his cock real hard. He wasn’t expecting that. Many laughed.
He carried her back to the clubhouse. Only a few went in. Everyone was exhausted, just by watching, and considered it the greatest finale of any and all earthly topics. They might have been correct. But inside the clubhouse, something was going on. One of my party was motioning me to come back in.
I ran over, and he said, “It is NOT over !” Mr. St. Louis had taken her back to the den/bed area. As I came into the room, I could see that he had put her on the edge of remaining bed, fixed in that same position in which he had been carrying her around. That is butt up, face down.
He was sticking most of his hand into her. He would open her pussy by opening up his fingers.
I felt that she really was huge now. And she was very ragged around the entire opening. She would moan a little with his movements. He asked, like a smart alec, “Well, do you feel bigger now?” A muffled “uh-huh” was what we heard out of her. She was still heavily stoned. They were about 2 hours into the drug; so their mescaline was actually still peaking.
At that moment, our fearful leader came into the room, and just stood there like the others. But he had in his hand the Vaseline jar that he had brought in from the outside scene. Our pro fucker, and we did believe that he was a pro now, asked for the Vaseline. Sort of dumb founded, our leader handed it over. The cock was greased up again. He had to stroke it a few times, but it came right back up. And this was over 20 years before Viagra was even tested!
Oh, I did remember that he still had not cum since very early that evening, or should I say since last night. He kept her in that ass up position and put some Vaseline into her. He stood there by the bed and grabbed her ass, which was right at cock level.
As he was sliding it in, a little slowly this time, he told her, “Boy, I really do like fucking you. You’re the toughest white girl that I have ever met.” Another muffled “uh-huh” was all I heard before the thump of his cock hitting deep inside her. She was clawing again at sheets, even biting some of the sheets, as he started up.
A very small audience, in fact only most of the originals, made it back to the room. “Girl, you are really gonna be as big or bigger than me, when I am through with you” and “you’re gonna be able to tell them how you got this pussy” were the type of encouraging things that he said to her during that start.
He was pulling back on her ass as he pushed forward. With her ass angled back and the rear entry, this, indeed, was the position with the deepest possibilities yet. He started his wide grind once more. This time he was able to shift his own body in a radical side to side motion. Back to prying her open. He was truly going to finish her up with this position.
She could have fallen forward anytime that she wanted. However, she kept her butt up high and, even on rare occasions, pushed back with his pulls. Moans, the breath knocked out, screams, squeals were continuous.
As continuous was his heaviest fucking. He was in a drug daze, starring off into the wall as he rhythmically banged her. Holding on like a literal crazy to that ass, he was punching it for all he could.
That black cock looked enormous going so far in and out of that little white girl. And it looked like a blur sometimes, with the speed that he was using. He was making her wider and deeper by the minute. It went on and on, for at least another 45 minutes. It was around 2:00 AM, when he began to bang her up into the air with his fucks (another situation that I stole from his performance). He stopped for a second and spread her pussy. It was easy to do now. There was a hole that could be opened over 3". He looked pleased, and put the cock right back in. He fucked her just as hard for another 30 minutes or so.
It was almost 2:35 AM when he gushed with cum. The many colors of juices ran out of her and down her legs. He stood there and unloaded as much as he could. And, finally, she did fall forward. Her legs spread, with one over each side of the bed. After all this time and force, her butt cheeks were smacked bright red, as were her inner thighs. No doubt, in the next few days, there would have to have been a fair amount of bruising. The vaginal opening and the entire area around it was puffy and red.
These were actually minimal indications of all the fucking over the last few hours. The major indicator, of course, was the pussy itself. Even though her lips and surrounding area were swollen, that did not close her opening. That opening still remained large, hanging open all the time that she laid there. It was even easy to see far into her.
The vaginal walls, which were bright red, did have some minor bleeding. By the way, this and the next assessment are guided by my own education over the following years. In fact, it is more of a challenge to use street terms and cultural references of the times than it has been the recounting of the events themselves. So, forgive me as we get techie again.
The end result that “they” produced, and I do give credit to the strong intent by both fuckers, was as impressive as might be expected. Much to the confusion of most males, the hymen does, in fact, stay around long after virginity is lost. It merely has a different central shape. And the various central openings tell a lot about what all has happened to any particular girl.
The widest opening is after childbirth. But, though mostly gone in a few mothers of large families, the hymen ring still usually occupies a good fraction of the vaginal opening. Just a fairly decent central, and irregular round, hole is in place. Oh, and then there are mothers who continue or start prostituting or doing porno; those are some of the largest seen on today’s net!
Mr. St. Louis reached down and easily opened the little blonde more. This is when I saw that she was not only big, she had no hymen at all. He had just removed the thin membrane entirely. So, here we had a 22 year old, who had not had a single baby. But her opening was now as smoothly open as a lady might be after 6 or more kids, and thousands of fucks. Remember that this vision had to be reinterpreted later, after formal training ! Without any technical labeling, he seemed to understand her condition very well. And he indicated, “that should do fine.” So, there was one of the standards that he was shooting for, a very personal form of branding
He smacked her butt with his hand as he said the above. I remember genuinely laughing, when she, with her face still down into the bed, and with her muffled voice, sarcastically said, “Thanks. Thanks a lot.” Because of an attitude like that and the entire wild night, many of our group felt she had set the mood and affected the interpretation of everything. We got together another $55 for her ($110 total). About half of what he got, and minimal for that spectacle.
POSTSCRIPT: you may verify our herione in action by going to photo 8, where she has her back to us. Note the very unique (good as a tattoo) thin beltline type tan that is between the darker tan and her pale skin. Go to photo 15, where he is just about to go into a scissor type position. Note that exact same line on her. That is our blond! At that point, you can also note changes that I discuss in the report - changes that not even the two major mileage porn stars have had done to them...

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